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Professional Foodservice Design, Inc. (PFDI) was formed and Incorporated in 1999 by Stan Schwartz.  After more than thirty years of Industry experience, Mr. Schwartz started PFDI with the philosophy of bringing excellence and the latest technology to the projects his firm would participate in. PFDI uses this “State of the Art” technology to promote food safety and aid in the execution of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plans.

PFDI is a comprehensive foodservice facility consulting and design firm that specializes in providing value-added services to clients from a project’s conceptual stage through completion.  We serve architects, planners and others seeking the best in functional design for all facets of the foodservice industry. PFDI is independent without affiliation to any equipment manufacturer and does not accept specification fees or subsidies from equipment manufacturers allowing for us to offer the best designs for our clients without constraint.

Our team provides a complete range of services including concept development, operational analysis, contract documents, equipment specifications, and project management.  We create comprehensive and detailed contract documents including equipment plans and itemized equipment schedules, electrical and mechanical connection plans, details of custom fabricated equipment, and ventilation equipment connection plans. The excellence and skill set used in preparation of these documents make them a welcomed and valued part of any project documentation. PFDI provides the best in food facility consulting.

Whether the project scope consists of new construction or renovation, we analyze the operational costs, budget, safety, and proper work flow necessary to provide an efficient and safe foodservice facility. 

We work closely with the project team to understand set goals, so that solutions are patterned to specific project needs.  PFDI stays in contact with team members keeping all informed and up to date on critical information to ensure project progress is not impeded.

Recent projects include:

  • Healthcare

  • Retail Food Markets

  • College and University Food Service

  • Schools & Government: Private & Public

  • Corporate & Industrial Facilities

  • Production Kitchens & Flight Catering

  • Clubs: Private & Recreational

  • Hospitality

  • Correctional Facilities

  • Religious Facilities

recent projects 

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